December 20, 2012

Dear Friends,

Season’s Greetings!  I hope this letter finds you and your family well as we enter the holiday season.

I am particularly reflective at this time of year.  Twenty-five years ago, my mother arrived in Canada as a refugee, along with her three children, after my father passed away – in hopes of a better life.  As a teenager, we found it difficult to make ends meet. I often stood in line with her to receive free groceries and at this time of year, we stood in line to receive our free turkey from Toronto’s Scott Mission.  Despite the shame of having to receive donations, I remember the generosity of those at the Scott Mission and the joy that this donation of food had for my family especially at this time of year. 

Not too long ago while driving by Toronto’s Scott Mission, I saw a line-up of people outside which brought back memories – those that have shaped who I am today.  I called the Scott Mission and spoke with their director, Peter Duraisami.  I learned that the Scott Mission has over 2600 needy families and that it continues to hand out groceries to needy families and serves warm food to hundreds of homeless individuals every day.

This year, my goal is to start a tradition of buying a minimum 1000 turkeys to be donated to Toronto’s Scott Mission to be given away to families in need this holiday season.  The timing is tight but I am confident that we can achieve this goal.  Thanks to the support and generosity of Maple Leaf Foods, we’ve been able to secure a great price for the turkeys.

I am asking for a donation of $2,500-$5,000 from corporations and $250+ from individuals. I believe so much in this cause that I have personally donated $10,000 to kickstart this campaign. For donations received, you and your staff are invited to help us give away these turkeys on donation day.

Thank you for your kind consideration and helping me give back,
Yours truly,


I wanted to thank everyone for their tremendous support and generosity! Not only have we reached our goal of 1,000 turkeys, but we have surpassed it by 400 turkeys! Yes, on Friday, December 21, 2012, we will be giving out 1,400 turkeys to needy families in Toronto. This could not have happened without the support and assistance of all of you. Happy holidays.